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Mike Price specializes in real estate and personal property Auctions in Northwest Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and Southwest Missouri. This website allows you to see our upcoming auctions throughout the area, and more. Plus, it will help you find more information if you are interested in Buying at an Auction or Selling at an Auction. Please see our existing Auction Listings which we can help you with immediately. Additionally, our website provides Mortgage Calculators and free Buyer Reports and Seller Reports that can help you on your next real estate transaction.
At Mike Price's Auctions, we realize that trust is a very important part of our business. We are interested in what is best for you, the client, and are committed to establishing a long-term relationship based on trust. Mike Price prides himself on being knowledgeable and staying current with changes in the industry that will affect the success of your transaction. 
  •  WHAT TYPE OF SELLER SHOULD CONSIDER AN AUCTION? Private and Corporate property owners, Living Trusts and Descendants Estates, Federal and State Courts, Municipalities, School Boards, Prominent Families, Financial Institutions, Fiduciaries, Trustees, and Partnership Dissolutions. Whatever your situation, let Mike know if you are ready to sell.    
Choosing an auctioneer is the most critical aspect when deciding to sell at a public auction. Just as our past clients, you to will be represented with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism that can be provided. We never forget that we work for the seller and it's the seller to whom we are responsible. 


Established Credibility   

  • Mike Price has over 25 years of experience and knowledge working in this industry. He can say with confidence that he will get the job done right!
  • He has been in the auction business selling everything from pots and pans to $100,000+ equipment and million dollar real estate properties. He has sold hundreds of thousands of personal property items at auction over the past 25 years. Mike Price has many repeat buyers that attend his auctions regularly.
  • As we metioned above, Mike Price prides himself on being knowledgeable and staying current with changes in the industry that will affect the success of your transaction.    




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